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Listen to one Woman's Testimony about Pain-Free Exercise
Imagine, Exercising in Deep Warm Water, in the Privacy of Your Own Home, for Less than a Dollar Day*.
Doctors and physical therapists agree - any resistance exercise, stretching, or surgery recovery routine receives better and faster results in the body of deep warm water. But gaining access to deep warm water on a daily basis has either been too expensive or too much of a hassle - until now.

ThermaPool is America's most affordable solution for daily access to deep warm water in the privacy of your own home. Because a ThermaPool is the world's first swimming pool designed exclusively as a therapy pool, it has everything you are looking for - at a price you can live with. We urge you to peruse our website and discover for yourself just how easy and affordable owning your very own deep warm water ThermaPool can be.

* Based on a TP1, set at 90º, operating at 110v in a room with an ambient temperature of 68º.
Your ThermaPool Purchase Could Be
100% Tax Deductible!
Yes, it is true. The federal government has a provision in the tax code that allows not only the purchase of a ThermaPool to be tax deductible - but also any monthly increase related to heating and maintenance are also tax deductible annually. There are some very specific details as it relates to this. Be sure to read the details. Click Here to Learn More>>>
This Customer says,
"When I am in the deep warm water I have no pain."
Imagine - Exercising without Pain. That is the true beauty of a ThermaPool in the privacy of your own home. You are able to increase your exercise routine without increasing your pain. That's worth 10 times what it costs to buy a ThermaPool.

Call Today to Start Feeling Better
(855) 476-6572.

Get a ThermaPool for
as little as $100 a month (OAC).
A ThermaPool is 100% American Made.
There was a time when every great product was made in the USA. While all other manufacturer's have been exporting jobs, we at ThermaPool have continued to keep production right here in the good ol' US of A. This provides us with very unique advantages.

Every Size Imagineable We offer three basic sizes. But any one of those sizes can be modified down to fit your available space. This means that no matter how limited your available space is, we have the Right Size ThermaPool for You. Learn More>>

Design It to Fit Your Needs A ThermaPool is made to order. This unique advantage allows you the ability to choose the size, the depth, the color and the options that you need. No other product offers so much for so little.

A ThermaPool is Better than
Endless Pools, a SwimSpa or a Spa.
ThermaPools offer you the most affordable deep warm water alternative available today. Offering you more than twice as much warm water depth as all other warm water alternatives such as Endless Pools, spas and swimspas.

Buoyancy Benefit With twice as much warm water depth, a ThermaPool provides you the greatest buoyancy benefit of any in-home warm water choice. Learn More>>

Lowest Body Impact This deep warm water also reduces the impact your body weight has on your exercise. Allowing you to focus on just one part of your body without the added weight. Learn More>>

Get a ThermaPool for
as little as $100 a month (OAC).
This Customer Saved $30,000
compared to purchasing a swimspa.
"Everything was in place for us to move forward with our swimspa install until I found your ThermaPool. At that very moment I saw a potential to save $30,000 - so I stopped everything and looked at your pool as an alternative. Since I was needing this more for my wife than for swimming, I really saw the value of what you offered and felt it was the way to go. As you can see with these pictures - it all turned out perfect. I am so glad I found you. Feel free to show these pictures to the world.

Dave Fenton, Canada."

Deep Warm Water
More Than Doubles the Benefits
of Any Exercise.
Deep warm water therapy is well documented and well regarded as an excellent accelerator for speeding up the healing process as well as an excellent addition to any overall wellness routine. But there are some very unique benefits that a ThermaPool can offer that no other warm water alternative can offer you.

Better Circulation Every exercise performed in the deep warm water of a ThermaPool increases your body's overall circulation. Doctors state that this amplifies the therapeutic benefits of any aquatic exercise.

Greater Range of Mobility In the buoyancy of deep warm water, you remove up to 90% of your body's weight. Along with increased circulation you can enjoy a greater range of movement, allowing you to perform exercises that would not be possible on dry land. Learn More>>

It Just Feels Better From the moment you enter your own warm water ThermaPool, your body begins to relax, your nerves are calmed, your circulation is increased and the desire to do more exercises increases. And this is what it is all about. Learn More>>

Focus on Just One Area Think about dry land exercises. Everytime you try to focus on one area of your body, you have the added burden of your own body weight. This is reduced by as much as 90% in a deep warm water ThermaPool. Allowing you to focus on conditioning one part of your body without the stress of your body weight - making the simplest of exercises incredibly beneficial. Learn More>>

A Healthier Way to Exercise Yes, it would cheaper to drive down to your local pool and perform your exercises. Have you ever thought about what is in that water? Kids pee, other people's body sweat, face it, you are basically swimming in someone else's bath water - Yuck! Of course there is also the presence of harsh chemicals like chlorine. This is not healthy at all. Clearly a ThermaPool offers the healthier choice. Learn More>>

This Customer could not even
do Exercise without being
in a ThermaPool.
It truly is amazing how much more effective basic exercises can be when performed inside the warmth and depth of deep warm water. Even the simplest of routines like; walking, sitting and getting up, or stretching, are dramatically improved when done in a ThermaPool.

Call Today to Start Feeling Better
(855) 476-6572.

Get a ThermaPool for
as little as $100 a month (OAC).
This Customer Had a Spa
and Discovered that the Depth of a
ThermaPool was a Better Choice.
"You were right. It was easy and you saved me about $18,000. I had been looking at a deep warm water spa for almost a year. I had everything already planned out and ready to go to put in an in-ground spa until a friend said they saw you guys on the internet. I checked out your site (very informative by the way) and thought this could really work. I called my contractor and he looked it over and thought the same thing. So I bought your 7' x 7' by 60" deep therapy pool and started the process.

Simon, you assured me it was easy and it was. You said I would save a lot of money - and I did. You said it would be easy to maintain and that has been the case so far. So all in all you are right. You will see I added some handicap rails on the side. Because my deck builder covered the pool, I felt this would give me something to grab on to during my exercises. I have included some step by step shots of the whole process. Maybe they will help inspire others.

Thank you again so much for all your help and support.

Allison Schockner"

A ThermaPool is
Very Enviromentally Friendly, but is also
Very Economically Friendly Too.
A ThermaPool revolutionary design is based on tremendous advancements in environmental technology. Allow us the ability to provide you with the most affordable deep warm water choice without greatky impacting the environment.

ThermaPools Do Not Waste Heat Our patent-pending heat retention design prevents heat loss by as much as 95%. This very unique feature dramatically reduces your monthly heating costs as well as reduces the impact on the enviroment. Learn More>>

No Chemical Dependancy Swimming pools are known for that strong chlorine odor. Though there have been alternatives, in a community pool, only chlorine works. However, your ThermaPool uses a very natural way to sanitize the water that in many cases, eleiminates the need for chlorine completely. Learn More>>

Creating a Quiet Environment Swimming pool and spa pumps are loud, very loud. A ThermaPool uses a unique super-quiet pump that is so quiet that you could be standing next to the pool and not even know it is on. Learn More>>

No Driving Necessary Of course, when you have daily access to deep warm water in the comforts of your own home, you do not have to drive anywhere to feel better. That too, is better for the environment and your wallet. Learn More>>

Making Lives Better.
"My husband T.J. and I, Melodie Langstraat, have told everybody we know about the many benefits our son, Tayson, 7 years old, was getting from your Therapy pool we purchased from Our family of four lived in in the community of Lynden, WA. and were determined to help Tayson get better. He was born with Spinal Muscular Atrophy and needed exercise to keep his body from wasting away. We decided swimming was the way to go and after researching numerous pools they decided the best value was through www.therapypools4less. Tayson made steady progress swimming in the pool we set up in our house."

"For four years he regularly used the pool until we joined the local fitness club where T.J. and I both can swim together with Tayson and enjoy other activities offered. In discussing options for our friend's son, Jensen, a partial quadriplegic, resulting from an aggressive spinal cord tumor, that we decided to loan our pool. Jensen was losing muscle mass at a rapid rate and needed something to stimulate his body. I was quick to point out how much we loved our pool and the many benefits swimming provided Tayson. So we offered to let them use it knowing how much it would help Jensen. We were excited at the thought of being able to let Jensen exercise his ravaged body at any time of the day in the comfort of their own home. We recently helped them install it in their garage and are looking forward to about his progress."
Get a ThermaPool for
as little as $100 a month (OAC).
Makes Everything Easier
By the time a customer purchases a ThermaPool, they have already been in pain for a very long time. From the moment these ailing customers enter their very own ThermaPool, the healing process begins. But it is far more than just a purchase - it is a whole life style change. Making everything just easier.

Easier to Own ThermaPools are the least expensive choice for daily access to deep warm water in the privacy of your own home. No other product offers such an affordable solution to deep warm water aquatic therapy. Learn More>>

Easier to Maintain Maintenance on a swimming pool or spa can be a nightmare. However, we have designed the ThermaPool with advances in technology to make it as user-friendly as possible. Allowing you to spend more time healing. Learn More>>

Easier to Exercise Even the simplest of exercises dramatically improve their benefits when performed in deep warm water. Walking, stretching, squatting, bending - you name it. Every exercise is not only easier but far more beneficial when done in a ThermaPool. Learn More>>

Easier to Feel Better Increase your mobility and decrease your pain. Increase your body's circulation and decrease your weight burden. Increase your desire to do exercise and decrease your dependancy on pain medication. These are just small example of what customers have told us they experienced in their own ThermaPool. Learn More>>

This Customer Has Fibromyalgia
and enjoys greater mobility and a Better quality of Life Thanks to ThermaPool.
"I have fibromyalgia. There is not a week, a day or even a moment when I am not in some kind of pain. The doctor has long prescribed for me water therapy - but the hassle to go to the local pool makes the journey and frustration worse than dealing with the pain.

I am not exaggerating when I say that your therapy pool saved my life. Not only am I feeling better each and every day, I can actually feel normal. I spend just a couple of hours in the pool throughout the day and I can function like a normal person. You asked me to tell my story for others to read - well hear me reader. I went from feeling like I function at less than 20% to feeling a 100% each and everyday.

My name is Jan Mitri and I am now feeling better than I have in a very long time."

If you have ever encountered a serious injury to your muscle, your back, or even a joint, odds are you will need deep warm water therapy as part of your long slow recovery process. Warm-water aquatic therapy in a ThermaPool is a wonderful treatment that helps slowly build muscle strength in a less painful way. It often utilizes not only water but different types of exercises. Learn More>>

Aquatic therapy is often prescribed by many doctors, surgeons, and neurosurgeons. There are many aqua therapy centers across the country, and aqua therapy is not only prescribed for serious injury, and are often prescribed for sports injuries. But the issue is getting to these locations and then, of course, sharing them with other users. By purchasing your own affordable ThermaPool, you will never have to worry about driving to it, sharing it, or even going a single day without it. The benefits of warm water will be right there for you to use day and night. Learn More>>

Many people use aquatic therapy to prevent sports injuries as well. In most cases warm water therapy is a relatively cheap form of therapy, with quite a few unique benefits. Aquatic therapy, unlike massage therapy, traction, or electronic stimulation, doesn't just relax the muscles, it helps to condition and strengthen them, also improves flexibility. On the other hand, it is much gentler than standard physical therapy, and relaxes and massages the muscles as it retrains them. So you can see that the benefits of owning a ThermaPool can actually cost you less in the long run. Our affordable ThermaPools are easy to purchase, easy to operate and easy to own. Being able to use it when you need to means a faster recovery as well. Learn More>>

There are many variations of warm water aquatic therapy, but they all can be performed in ThermaPool. With simple stretching routines and slight exercises a user will quickly gain the benefits from the purchase. After you accomplish a few of these simple exercises, which loosen sore, repaired, or injured muscle, you can begin to work to strengthen the injured areas as well. Your ThermaPool is a tool in this process. A tool that soothes the pain, reduces the body weight stress, increases blood flow and increases muscle growth. Learn More>>

Some of the exercises are simple and consist of things that would normally be as simple as standing on one leg for ten seconds. Gradually you will build up the length of time or amount of repetitions you do with these simple exercises so your muscles can get used to being worked again. After your muscles are used to working and they are loosened up, it becomes time to move on to a myriad of different workouts depending upon the injury, severity of injury, and so forth. We at ThermaPool recognize this important step and are leading the way on developing deep warm water aquatic therapy exercises for private in-home use. Learn More>>

While there are too many exercises to go through in detail, they have varying purposes. Depending upon the need; a routine can easily be developed using your ThermaPool. For instance, if a serious back injury is the case, such as if you were recovering from a back surgery, gentle traction might be the need. In this case you might hang gently from the side of your ThermaPool while lifting up your legs.

Aqua therapy is one of the better, easier therapies available for recovery today. If the option is available, aqua therapy is as pleasant a therapy as you will find, though there's no therapy fully free of pain, a ThermaPool can certainly make owning a therapy pool "pain-free."

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