ThermaPool™ is a revolutionary new way to benefit from deep warm water therapy. All across the country, doctors are prescribing aqua therapy for patients suffering from a variety of physical aliments... yet getting access to a deep warm water therapy pool is getting harder and harder to do these days.

ThermaPool™ has changed that.  By creating an easy and affordable in-home therapy pool solution, ThermaPool™ has made it possible for anybody to have access to aqua therapy. And being 100% American made, a ThermaPool™ can be made to fit any available space. Click Here to Learn More.>>

ThermaPools™ are designed tough. They are over-built to allow the user to push against the side, lean against it, hang on it - you name it. The pool is built tough.

ThermaPools™ are better than a spa. Conventional spas are typically only about 2 1/2 feet deep - whereas a ThermaPool™ can be as deep as 5’. In addition, a spa’s interior is filled with a variety of seating arrangements that interfere with an occupant’s ability to do therapy exercises.

ThermaPools™ provide you with ample room to stretch, expand, swim, jog, and generally create a variety of aquatic-based exercises. For those of you seeking access to deep warm water to help strengthen and rehabilitate a part of your body, ThermaPool™ is the easiest and most affordable choice available today. Click Here to Learn More>>.

Every ThermaPool™ is made to order. Even though we have a variety of sizes listed, each of those sizes can be modified down to fit your needs. We always have the right ThermaPool™ for you.

ThermaPools™ incorporate a unique feature in that they offer you a set of grommets, on each corner of the pool, at three different levels. These grommets, along with our ThermaBrand™ line of exercise equipment, allow you to create an unlimited number of exercise routines that help you strengthen and rehabilitate virtually every muscle in your body.

Again, unlike conventional spas, ThermaPools™ provide you with total mobility and flexibility to work the area of your body you need... even if it is the whole body. Click Here to Learn More.>>

Amplify the benefits of every exercise using a ThermaPool™. By taking advantage of deep warm water, your ThermaPool™ will help you exercise better and more efficiently.





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