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More Than a Perfect Cure for Aches and Pains

Aqua therapy has grown in acceptance over the past 30 years. Where once it used to be considered "witch doctor" medicine, today there are over 45 pages of medical codes that recognize aquatic therapy as a recommended and prescribed treatment. And these are not just aches and pains but major ailments, disorders and disease. Here are just 75 examples of ailments that can be treated with aqua therapy. The actual list is over 1200 various types of ailments that can be treated with aquatherapy.

Over 1200 Recognized Ailments Treatable by Aquatic Therapy

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Late effects of acute poliomyelitis

Dementia in conditions classified elsewhere with behavioral disturbance

Dementia, unspecified, without behavioral disturbance

Dementia, unspecified, with behavioral disturbance Musculoskeletal malfunction arising from mental factors

Adult onset fluency disorder Tourette's disorder Eating disorder, unspecified

Other disorder of eating

Other and unspecified special symptom or syndrome, not elsewhere classified

Personality change due to conditions classified elsewhere

Postconcussion syndrome

Developmental reading disorder, unspecified Alexia Developmental dyslexia

Other specific developmental reading disorder Mathematics disorder

Expressive language disorder

Mixed receptive-expressive language disorder Speech and language developmental delay due to hearing loss

Childhood onset fluency disorder

Other developmental speech or language disorder Developmental coordination disorder

Mixed development disorder

Other specified delay in development

Corticobasal degeneration

Genetic torsion dystonia

Climacteric arthritis involving multiple sites

Transient arthropathy, site unspecified

Transient arthropathy, shoulder region

Transient arthropathy, upper arm

Transient arthropathy, forearm

Transient arthropathy, hand

Transient arthropathy, pelvic region and thigh Transient arthropathy, lower leg

Transient arthropathy, ankle and foot

Transient arthropathy, other specified site

Transient arthropathy, multiple sites

Unspecified polyarthropathy or polyarthritis, site unspecified

Unspecified polyarthropathy or polyarthritis, shoulder region

Unspecified polyarthropathy or polyarthritis, upper arm

Unspecified polyarthropathy or polyarthritis, forearm

Unspecified polyarthropathy or polyarthritis, hand Unspecified polyarthropathy or polyarthritis, pelvic region and thigh

Unspecified polyarthropathy or polyarthritis, lower leg

Unspecified polyarthropathy or polyarthritis, ankle and foot

Unspecified polyarthropathy or polyarthritis, other specified sites

Unspecified monoarthritis, ankle and foot Unspecified monoarthritis, other specified sites Other specified arthropathy, site unspecified

Ankylosing spondylitis

Spinal enthesopathy

Sacroiliitis, not elsewhere classified Inflammatory spondylopathies in diseases classified elsewhere Other inflammatory spondylopathies

Unspecified inflammatory spondylopathy

Cervical spondylosis without myelopathy

Cervical spondylosis with myelopathy

Thoracic spondylosis without myelopathy Lumbosacral spondylosis without myelopathy Spondylosis with myelopathy, thoracic region Spondylosis with myelopathy, lumbar region

Kissing spine

Ankylosing vertebral hyperostosis

Traumatic spondylopathy

Other allied disorders of spine

Spondylosis of unspecified site without mention of myelopathy

Spondylosis of unspecified site with myelopathy Displacement of cervical intervertebral disc without myelopathy

Displacement of lumbar intervertebral disc without myelopathy

Displacement of thoracic intervertebral disc without myelopathy

Displacement of intervertebral disc, site unspecified, without myelopathy

Schmorl's nodes, unspecified region

Schmorl's nodes, thoracic region

Schmorl's nodes, lumbar region

Schmorl's nodes, other spinal region

Degeneration of cervical intervertebral disc

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