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5 Year Limited Liability Warranty Summary*

    We understand that most of our buyers are non-swimming pool professionals, so we have made owning and maintaining a portable swimming pool as easy and affordable as possible. However, it is impossible for us to know what you know or don't know, if you do not ask us. You, as the buyer, are responsible for the proper care, safety and assembly of your ThermaPool. So please, we are available for advice prior to, during and even after your purchase.

     Warranty Basics: The first 90 days, we cover shipping both ways, in the event a manufacturer's defect occurs. We reserve the right to repair any damaged item, if possible. After that first 90 days, your only obligated to pay for the shipping to return the item back to us for repair. If, upon inspection, the repair was the result of a manufacturer's defect, the shipping costs will be refunded back to you (up to $50 USD total per warranty shipment). If, however, the issue was caused by your ground, improper assembly or some other factor (listed or not listed), we reserve the right to charge you for repair as well as return shipping. This warranty coverage is for five years from the date of purchase.

     Special Note: As a courtesy to our customers, we offer post-dating on our warranty. If you are buying a therapy pool package to take advantage of a special offer or sale price but are not planning to set it up right away, just let us know in advance and we will note your account to post-date your warranty upon assembly and filling of your pool.

Things you should know:

1.) If an item is received and shows signs of abuse or abnormal use, there will be a charge to repair the item. This charge depends on the item being returned.

2.) If an item is inspected and the damage is a result of faulty installation at the buyer's location, no further warranty repair will follow until proof the source of the cause of damage has been fixed.

3.) If an item is received and has water, dirt or anything else that will impair our ability to repair, there will be a mandatory minimum $300 fee to clean the item first. Please make ever effort to clean and dry the item prior to shipping back.

     Please Note: Warranty repairs tend to take up to thirty (30) business days depending on the condition of the returned item and the time of year. Typically, during September 15 through March 1, warranty times are about twenty (20) business days. However, from March 2 to September 14, warranty time can exceed thirty (30) business days (hollidays and weekends not included).

     Disclaimer: This warranty is applicable to only thrapy pools bought from EZ Pool Products Inc. directly. We are not responsible for any other product or accessory purchased from any other source. Further, this warranty only applies to ThermaPools not accompanying equipment. They have their own warranty.

* Be sure to review the ThermaPool warranty limitations found in the ThermaPool Assembly Guide, which are available digitally through this website.