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About Us: Learn more about our history.

Advantages: Our therapy pools provide the best source of therapy.

Ailments: A sample of the types of dieases aquatic therapy can treat.

American Made: 100% Made in the USA.

Anatomy of ThermaPool:

Answers: Answers to common questions.

AquaTherapy: What is it and how it helps.

Benefits: Therapy benefits.

Body Impact: Great workout, low body impact.

Buoyancy: Learn more about the Buoyancy Benefit of dep warm water.

Carbon: Our pools have a low Carbon footprint.

Circulation: Warm water creates better circulation.

Compare: How other sources compare to our therapy pools.

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Cost: Compare the cost difference between other therapy options.

Cushion: The softest therapy choice.

Customize: We always have the right size.

Dependency: Take a break from medicine dependency.

Driving: Therapy at home is a better choice.

Eco-Friendly: Most eco-friendly therapy pool.

Environment: Our pools are better for the environment compared to other therapy pools.

Exercises: Leading the way on in-home aquatic exercises.

Features: A list of unique features.

Feels Better: Warm water just feels better.

Focused Area: Learn how the buoyancy allows a user to focus on one area of the body at a time.

Grommets: A very unique feature.

Healthier: In-home therapy is just healthier.

Heaters: Learn more about the available heaters for our therapy pools.

Heater Solutions: Tips on servicing your Therapy Pool equipment.

How It Works: More information about how it works and functions.

Low Impact: A very low impact on the environment.

Mobility: Create a better range of movement.

Other Pools: Ours is a better choice.

Ozinator: The natural sanitizer.

Pumps: The super quiet pump with free heat.

Resistance: Learn more about these types of exercise.

Retention: The greatest heat retention possible.

Sizes: Any one of our pool sizes can be modified.

Swimming: Yes, you can swim in our therapy pool - but you can do so much more.

Terms of Sale: A complete breakdown of the terms and conditions applicable to a therapy pool sale.

Therapy: The therapy benefits of a therapy pool.

TP1: One Person Therapy Pool.

TP2: Two Person Therapy Pool.

TP3: Three Person Therapy Pool.

User-Friendly: Our Therapy Pools are generally very user-friendly.

Versatile: Our Therapy Pool can go anywhere you have space to put it.

Walking: A Low Impact exercise becomes a Zero Impact exercise in a Therapy Pool.

Warranty: An explanation of Our warranty.

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Did You Know a ThermaPool May be Tax Deductible?

A ThermaPool can qualify for a tax deduction for the following reasons; it is not considered a home improvement, and, if the whole purpose of the pool is for doctor prescribed therapy only, then it meets the standards under IRS form number 502.

Learn More about this >>>.

Did You Know a ThermaPool Offers Financing Options?

We know how important a ThermaPool can be for our customers. As such, we have done our very best to make it as affordable as possible while still manitaining the necessary quality for it to do its job. But we also scoured the financial world to provide multiple financing options. These of course vary by the individual needs of each buyer. Learn More about this >>>.