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A High Impact Product with a Low Impact Cost

Our therapy pools have had a tremndously high impact on its user's lives, in some cases dramaticaaly improving a ThermaPool user's quality of life. And yet it has had a very low impact on their finances and on their environment. Being one of the most energy effecient designed pools today is important to us. But there are a lot of other very important environmental impacts that most people do not consider - but we have.

Water. A very precious resource. We don't waste it. Swimming pools have to be drained on a regular basis. The concrete walls have to be scrubbed and worked on, and because of their exposure to outdoor elements, they get polluted much faster. The water in a therapy pool is not treated to the same abuse. Most people are very cautious as to what they take in with them. The Ozinator works automatically, sanitizing the water during the heating and filtering cycle. The filtering element is completely reusable and easy to clean. It too works automatically with the pool. All in all, the ability to maintain a clean and inviting pool is much easier with our pool and as such, has less a very low impact on the environment.

Also, when you have your own therapy pool at home - you are not driving anywhere for therapy. This little factor alone saves a tremendous impact on the environment.

So a ThermaPool has a lower impact on the enviroment, is far more cost-effective than most other options, has a very high impact on the user's ability to enjoy a day pain-free, as well as dramatically increase the user's range of exercise ability. But lets talk about a zero impact. Click Here to Learn More >>>