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The whole world has been moving towards greener projects. Products that are both eco-friendly as well as globally responsible have become the new norm. Yet, long before it was a popular move around the world, the ThermaPool has been the most eco-friendly pool available.

Our Therapy Pool packages include a variety of new technologies that help to reduce waste and dramatically reduce the use of swimming pool chemicals. But we did not focus on being eco-friendly at a higher price - because your therapy pool is also ECOnomically friendly as well.

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Going Green Our Therapy Pools are the Most eco-Friendly Pools to Use, Maintain and Operate.

Cleaner Water Our Therapy Pools have Found a Way to Keep Your Water Clean and Inviting the Natural Way.

By using nature's very own process - ozonated air, our therapy pools are able to create a clean and inviting therapy pool that is treated automatically 24 hours a day without any help from you what-so-ever.

Ozonated air has long proved to be an effective and safe way to sanitize a body of water. By slowly injecting ozonated air into the water line, this maintenance-free product keeps the water clean and sanitized usually without the use of harsh chemicals*. A simplistic design that is both Eco-friendly and easy to use. Learn More >>>

* Results may vary.

Recycling Heat Our Therapy Pools use a Patent Pending Insulated Material that Prevents Heat Loss by as much as 95%.

A ThermaPool incorporates a revolutionary new design that reduces heat loss by 95% normally wasted through the pool wall. This efficient use of heat not only helps to reduce electrical demands, it also dramatically reduces waste. Our patent pending material allows you to maintain a warm and inviting water temperature year round for literally a handful of pennies a day. And though this is very comforting on your wallet - it is also very environmentally friendly. Reducing your heating needs does keep your costs down, but also reduces your use of electricity. Just another example of how our pools are committed to Going Green. Learn More about Retention >>>

Silent But Friendly We not only Offer a Quieter Pool Pump - It also uses almost Half as much Electricity a Regaulr Pool Pumps.

One of the other really neat features about our therapy pool is it comes with a pump that uses considerably less electricity than conventional pump motors. As Much as 60% Less.

Because our focus is to provide you with an affordable warm water therapy pool year round, we needed a pump motor that was able to run continuously, if need be, without it costing you hundreds of dollars. The efficient design of our pump reduces your electrical draw by as much as 60%. Learn More about Our Pump >>>