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Most therapy pools available today were designed for commercial us. Famous brands like Swim-Ex and HydroWorx are terrific products that do everything a ThermaPool does but for professional PT clinics. So they start at $150,000. This of course is not practical for at-home therapy.

The ThermaPool was designed form the ground up to be an affordable  home solution to allow affordable access to deep warm water daily in the privacy of person's own home. We also offer a variety of financing options as well to make it even mroe affordable. Learn More about Financing >>>

Affordable at-Home Warm Water Therapy

Are you a swimming pool or spa professional? Probably not. So why would we give you something that requires you to have a degree in water chemistry? Our therapy pool was designed for at-home use by the average person. It is designed to be very user-friendly. Just set the desired temperature and let your pool take care of eveything else - even the water's sanitation can be done with zero-maintenace on your part. Too good to be true? Learn More >>>

Very User-Friendly with Great After Sale Customer Service

One very hard truth about pools and spas is they are very hard on your feet and skin. Pools are typically made of concrete which is also very abrasive against your skin. All spas are made of a hard and rigid fiberglass surface that are textured and can also be abrasive. So when a therapy pool user is standing and doing a variety of stretching and resistance exercises, all the pressure is on their feet, toes and ankles.

Again, a ThermaPool is designed specifically as an at-home therapy pool, so every aspect of the pool's interior is designed around those customers who need aquatic therapy. As a result, the floor is amazingly soft, the walls are soft, in fact every area of the pool that you will be using for therapy is very soft to touch. Even though our therapy pool offers upto 90% of your body weight being reduced in the buoyancy of the warm water, your feet still have to withstand a lot of pressure during the stretching and resistance exercises. In our therapy pool, the soft padding provides a comfy cushion under toe. Learn More >>>

Oh So Soft to Touch

This customer sold his car to buy his wife a therapy pool and put in the very spot his car used to be in.

Our therapy pools come with a series of grommets at three different levels. These grommets work with the ThermaBand and ThermaCord to create aquatic based resistance exercises. So versatile are these combined items, that you could work every part of your body - and all within the body of warm and soothing water. Learn More >>>

In addition, we are working with accredited aquatic physical therapists to create a series of at-home therapeutic exercises that users can do without a therapist being present. All of these exercises take advantage of the presence of these grommets. Learn More >>>

You Will be Hooked with a ThermaPool

ThermaPool is a revolutionary new type of pool designed for at-home use and to be used by the average customer. As such, we designed it to be very user-friendly and very eco-friendly. Every aspect of the pool is designed utilizing new technology and advancements in material. For example, we have a patent pending on a new material that reduces heat loss by as much as 95%. We utilize a pool pump that is very energy-efficient, a hybrid heater that can run 110 or 220v and zero chemical-based sanitizer. In addtion, becasue a ThermaPool is made-to-order, we do not have a lot of waste associated with your order. These are just a few examples of how our therapy pool truly is a very eco-friendly product.  Learn More >>>

You Will be Hooked with a ThermaPool

This Customer Saved $30,000

compared to purchasing a swimspa

"Everything was in place for us to move forward with our swimspa install until I found your ThermaPool. At that very moment I saw a potential to save $30,000 - so I stopped everything and looked at your pool as an alternative. Since I was needing this more for my wife than for swimming, I really saw the value of what you offered and felt it was the way to go. As you can see with these pictures - it all turned out perfect. I am so glad I found you. Feel free to show these pictures to the world.

Dave Fenton, Canada."