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The Zero-Maintenance Self-Sanitizing Ozinator

Maintaining a body of water can be a lot of work. If you have ever had a swimming pool outdoors, you know just how much work that can be. However, our therapy pool has changed all that.

A ThermaPool is the world's first pool that was designed from the ground up as a at-home therapy-focused pool. Not a kiddie pool, and definitely not just an exclusive swimming-only pool - but a true therapy pool. The idea was to take everything people hated about pools and spas and eliminate them. In the case of sanitizing our pool - we have done that.

Using Ozone to sanitize a pool or spa is not unique, it has been done for years. The problem is with exposure to outside elements, pollutants and sun light. Most users are wanting to have access to deep warm water daily, year round. It starts as a lifestyle change and quickly becomes the most important part of that user's day. So as a result, your therapy pool is just not exposed to the same kind of daily abuse an outdoor pool or spa is subjected to. Making it easier for an ozinator to sanitize and maintain the water.

For indoor pools, an ozinator can be almost 100% of your water's sanitation needs. The process is very simple and requires no further maintenance on your part. The end result is a pleasant body of soft warm water that is always ready and inviting.

A ThermaPool also has one of the lowest carbon footprints of any pool. Click Here to Learn More >>>