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Since this is the first time most of our customers have owned a therapy pool, we have made it as simple to operate as possible. The hybrid electric heater for our therapy pool is so easy to use that it handles everything for you. Just hook it up and let it go. It turns itself off when the water reaches your desired temperature, and turns on when the water temperature drops.

And unlike other heaters that shut themselves off when there is a problem, your therapy pool heater will actually tell you what's wrong and what to do to fix the problem. Just another example of the user-friendly design of a ThermaPool.

So Simple It's Brilliant

When we ship the electric heater, it comes 110v ready* - which means, you simply take it out of the box, hook it up and it is ready to go. In most cases, the system handles the heating temperatures the customer desires. But in some colder areas, a little more heat can help. That's why we designed the heater to be a Hybrid system.

All a licensed electrician needs to do is create a 220v connection to your internal heater control panel to increase heating output. There is no massive re-wiring required or complicated mess. Just a single 4-wire 220v line and that's it.

And though you will draw twice as much electricity, you are only using another 8 amps that will generate almost 5 times the heating output of the 110v system. So if you need the extra heating output, your therapy pool package comes already 220 volt capable.

A Hybrid Heating System

A Thermapool was designed as an at-home, indoor, year round warm water therapy pool. But not everybody has the room indoors for a therapy pool. So yes, the ThermaPool can be placed outdoors, but then you will need to switch to a gas-powered heating system. Give us a call and we can discuss all the available heating options for you.

Other Heating Options

* The TP3 comes standard with a 240v 11 kW Electric Heater and is not a Hybrid. It can only operate at 240v (220v).