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A Quite Little Work Horse

Most swimming pool and spa pumps are like mini commercial generators, loud and very industrious looking. They were first designed for the giant in-ground pools or the jet-powered force of a spa - so they have a lot of power... and noise.

A ThermaPool has completely different needs. Incombination with a ThemraPak hybrid heater, the slower the water moves, the warmer it gets. So we use a very low horsepower pump to slowly move the water through the ThermaPak system. As a result, the noise of a ThermaPool pump is considerably quieter, so muc so that if you are in the next room you may not hear it at all - not even a hum. Since the idea is to provide an at-home therapy pool for use year round, we needed to find an American-made pump that fit the bill.

What's the point of relaxing in your own therapy pool, if right afterwards the motor kicks on to heat the pool and it's as loud as the traffic noise outside?

Because conventional pump motors were designed for large inground swimming pools, the sound they make really did not matter - as most people had them hidden behind the house. But these loud clunkers would not work for us. When we tested the first pump we thought something was wrong. We could barely hear the motor running (in comparative terms.) Close the door and you won't hear it at all.

The smaller more compact design of the ThermaPool pump allows us to place the pump, filter, heater and Ozinator all on one very tightly compacted platfrom that takes up  very little room.