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Leading the Way in At-Home Aquatic Exercises

Aquatic Exercise is not new. There are all types of styles, programs and routines. The problem we have is they are based on in-ground pools - and they are very limited. Our therapy pool is actually leading the way in developing aquatic therapy exercises that are designed for the pool and for at-home use. In other words, they are aquatic exercises you can do without a trainer, therapist or specialist.

The video posted here is an example of the types of aquatic exercises we developing. And in the months to come, we will be posting more and more of these videos - and they are free of charge to you.

We are working with MMA martial arts expert fighter Mark Elmasry, who is also a certified strengthening and conditioning therapist. Mark is also a leading expert on aquakinesis. "For me," Mark shared with us. "I found it frustrating to find a local pool I could use that would allow me to train. But after my injury, the necessary exercises I needed were just non existent." When Mark found us, we started up a conversation and quickly discovered the world needs this.

As the above video demonstrates, Mark has taken a variety of known exercises and slightly modified them to work in your therapy pool. The focus being that every exercise performed in deep warm water provides three times the benefit; your circulation is increased, the buoyancy lowers the impact on the body, and the presence of soothing warm water allows the occupant to perform better and longer than on dry land.

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