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Portable spas have been available for more than twenty years. And there are a variety of spas offering a variety of seating arrangements and features. But typically, a spa's design is to allow the occupant to sit down and allow the spa's jets to massage the occupant's body. They do not offer much in the way of aquatic physical therapy as they are only about two and half feet deep - in comparison to our therapy pools which can provide upto 60" of unobstructed warm water depth.

Better Value than Portable Spas - Spas are Too Passive and Too Shallow

If your goal is to have access to a deep warm water therapy pool so that can do almost unlimited warm-water based exercises in the privacy of your own home  - then a ThermaPool is the Very Best Value for You.

Portable swim spas are not much different to their cousins above, just a little longer and deeper to provide room to swim in place against a current. However they can cost as much as four times the price of a ThermaPool. The ThermaPool provides ample water depth, unobstructed movement and mobility within the pool and typically cost a whole lot less to heat and operate as well.  

Better Value than Swim Spas - Which are Too Expensive and still Too Shallow

There are several Asian companies producing inexpensive pools for the mass merchants. As a $300 throw-away pool, they give you a good value for your dollar when it comes to summer fun in the backyard for one summer - but most people need something far more durable and lasting when it comes to a therapy pool. You may first be attracted by the low prices, but when you compare values, you will quickly see that the value you are looking for is just not possible with these cheap foreign-made kiddie pools.

Better Value than Other Portable Pools

In-ground pools have become unbelievably too expensive. The cost of design, construction, permits and not too mention the year-round costs to operate; make them very inefficient for warm water therapy. Plus they are made of concrete which can be very abrasive against the feet and body. A ThermaPool is very soft-to-touch.

Better Value than Conventional Pools - Which are Way Too Expensive and Too Aggressive

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