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One of the drawbacks to today's spa market, is that they are very limited on the sizes they can offer. Some offer one or two models and that's it. We on the other hand, offer you the ability to modify your therapy pool to fit in whatever available space you have.

Being made-to-order means a ThermaPool is able to be made to fit your available area - a very unique advantage. Most spas or swim spas come in only a few standard sizes - whereas your therapy pool offers an infinite list of standard sizes. Which is to say, we can make it to fit your needs.

Getting access to your very own deep warm water therapy pool is not as complicated as you might think. Because our therapy pool can be modified to fit any available space, it is able to be placed in areas where no other pool or spa could go. It really is only a matter of seeing the potential of an area. We have made long narrow pools, short pools and perfectly square pools that are made to specific dimensions. It doesn't matter. All that matters is that you are able to create your own area where you can start enjoying access to your very own deep warm water therapy pool.

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