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One of the Lowest Possible "Carbon Footprint" Pools Possible

Our therapy pools have one of the lowest carbon footprints of any man-made body of water comparable in size.

"Carbon Footprint" is a measurement of the carbon dioxide emissions of both a product and a product's product. For example, concrete has one of the highest carbon footprints used today. Consequently, an in-ground concrete pool has a much larger carbon footprint. New technologies and advancements, here in the United States, have produced poly-reinforced vinyl with lower carbon emissions. Only a ThermaPool takes advantage of this new technology.

Plus, all the advancements we have taken to make your therapy pool very effecient also have helped to reduce both the carbon footprint and impact on the environment as a whole. With a combination of patent pending insulated material (that reduces heat loss by 95%), a super compact pump, filter and heating system, along with the use of the nature-safe ozinator, your therapy pool truly has the very lowest carbon footprint of any pool or spa available today.

Driving to a local warm water therapy pool facility may seem cheaper, but you would be wrong. Just walking in a ThermaPool is better. Click Here to Learn More >>>