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Walking Made Easier and Better in a ThermaPool

The simplist and easiest exercise of them all is walking, and even this activity is dramatically more effective in the buoyancy of deep warm water.

Walking is in fact, probably the lowest impact exercise available to a person. For many people, the mere effort of moving about is a stressful and strenuous task. Yet, when performed in a ThermaPool, this simplistic exercise is turned into a wonder cure. Walking back and forth, in a deep warm water, creates resistance by the water while promoting buoyancy - thus removing 90% of your body's weight off the toes, feet, ankles, knees and joints. And, the presence of warm water improves circulation, calms your nerves and just makes the whole experience far more enjoyable.

And as silly as it sounds, this is an exercise that just can not be performed in a spa, a swimspa, or even many community pools (without fighting a crowd of swimmers). The fact is a ThermaPool can turn any daily routine or exercise into a far healthier and better therapy. The water provides buoyancy, the warmth provides circulation and the whole experience reduces stress. At the end of your therapy pool routine - you just feel better.

A ThermaPool provides a much healthier environment for aquatic therapy exercise that just feels so much better. Learn More >>>