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The Ideal Source for Zero Body Impact

Walking is an example of a low impact exercise, but even this kind of low impact movement has an impact on the body. And it is usually the aching part of the body that gets impacted. Yet when an exercise is performed in a deep warm water therapy pool there is zero body impact.

Zero body impact means that when you do stretching exercises in a therapy pool you are not straining a part of the body that is in pain, allowing you to work on exercising the part of the body that needs it without adversely impacting the rest of the body. This zero body impact is unique with our therapy pools because of the amount of water depth available. Most spas and swim spas do not have the kind of in-home water depth our therapy pool provides.

Land based exercises can have a negative body impact, whereas the same exercise in deep warm water has a positive body impact. First off, the zero body impact is because of the up to 90% buoyancy your therapy pool can provide. This buoyancy eliminates the negative impact. However, our pool also provides you with deep warm water, which creates a positive body impact. This soothing environment promotes greater circulation and calms the nerves generating a far more pleasant exercising atmosphere.

Gyms and community pools are great places for fun and to hang out. But the truth is, a person who is suffering from some type of painful and even debilitating ailment feels intimidated by the presence of so many very active and aggressive athletes. One of our customers stated she felt eyes staring at her as she just tried to do simple exercises. Sometimes the eyes were with sympathy, often times they were annoyed by her presence. No one needs this added grief. With your own ThermaPool, you create your own routine, at your own pace, with your own music, for your own benefit.

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