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Amplifying Your Exercise Benefits

One of the major drawbacks to exercising on dry land is the impact your body weight has on your body. Not to say exercise is not important, but that it impacts the body with each pump, jump and load. An example is running; with each stride, your body weight is forced downward on to your hips, legs and feet. Yes, special shoes help, but the impact is still the same. Even gentle walking is still placing the brunt of your body weight on one hip, leg and foot at a time.

Inside a therapy pool, a user is able to focus on one area of their body without the added burden of a body's weight. This allows a user to focus building the knee muscle, lower back, or any part of the body without having to carry the added burden of the body's weight.

In deep warm water, the body's weight impact is reduced by as much as 90%. Providing a user all the benefits of the exercise, without the damage of the impact. But amazingly enough, exercising in the warmth and depth of a therapy pool takes on a whole new perspective. Daily routines in the outside world bear down on your body. Routines such as; getting up out of a chair, stepping up a few stairs, moving an object from one location to another - actions a person does every single day that impact a body’s health and wellness. Yet doing those very same routines in deep warm water actually makes a body better. Because each of these movements is done without the added weight of the body and are done within warm water that improves your body’s circulation and blood flow allowing muscle movement without burden.

The simplest of movements in a warm water ThermaPool become an essential component in your daily wellness routine. And all this is possible because of the depth of our therapy pool.

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