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Our Therapy Pool Does Not Waste Energy

By combining the insulation qualities of a spa with the size and depth of a swimming pool, a ThermaPool provides the least expensive way to enjoy daily access to deep warm water in the privacy of your home.

The patent pending qualities of our therapy pool's revolutionary insulated design make it ideal for at-home use. The ability to retain up to 90% of the heat that you pay to put into your pool, helps to keep the heating costs way down. In fact, gallon for gallon, our therapy pool is the least expensive way to enjoy warm water daily.

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This is also better for our environment because your therapy pool does not waste energy. It does not waste the heat you pay for, it does not waste the source that is producing the heat, nor does it waste our country's natural resources. Our therapy pool is truly a revolutionary product for at-home therapy.

Here are some basic technical facts about the cost of heat loss. Maintaining a 2500 gallon body of water at 92 degrees in a standard pool with an ambient indoor room temperature of 72 degrees has an average heat loss of 5% every hour. In less than four hours your water temperature will drop down to the 72 degree room temperature. Our therapy pool, when covered, looses less than 0.5% per hour on average.

It costs, on average, ¢.75 cents an hour to run a 220v heater for one hour (average US Rate is $0.133 per KWH). This heater on a 2500 gallon body of water (as described above) increases the water temperature about 2 degrees every hour of continuous running. So with a standard pool, it could run all day and all night and never overcome the heat loss (4.5 degrees of heat loss an hour versus 2 degrees increase with heat). Compared to our therapy pool, which looses less than one half a degree an hour versus a 2 degree heating increase, combined with the heat retention factors, means a ThermaPool's revolutionary heat retention design saves you as much as 95% the heating costs of a regular same-sized pool. To compare some numbers: a standard 2500 gallon pool (based on the above description) can cost about $360 a month to heat. Whereas a ThermaPool costs about $80 a month on average. In one year, Our Fully Insulated Therapy Pool will save you over $3,000.

Another source of energy that our therapy pool does not waste is your time and effort. First off, our therapy pool is one of the easiest swimming pools you will ever own. In fact, it will probably be the last pool you will ever need. But the simplistic design and low maintenance features help reduce the energy you need to expend to maintain access to deep warm water daily.

Another very important area our pool excels at, is reducing the energy you use when you exercise. Because so many of our customers tell us that just walking from one end of the house to the other is virtually unbearable. Yet that same exercise in your own therapy pool is not only pain free, but is actually beneficial. This is another area where our pool does not waste energy. Because every effort you put forth in the body of deep warm water is done with less effort, less energy and more benefit.