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When You Compare You are Aware

Portable spas have been around for a very long time and they do a very good job for what they were designed for. In fact, if you are looking to just lounge around, drink a beer and relax while the spa's jets do all the work - then our therapy pool is not the product for you.

Customers who choose our therapy pool over a conventional spa do so because they need greater warm water depth as part of the overall wellness pursuit. A ThermaPool offers twice as much warm water depth than a spa, even the much mroe expensive swimspas. Our customers also need more room to stretch, to walk, to swim, to do a variety of resistance-type exercises to recover, improve or just get through the day pain-free*.

* A customer quote that we agree with fully.

The ThermaPool comes without any seating arrangements to interfere with your need for resistance-type exercises, and provides up to twice as much warm water depth. And though portable spas can be had for a lot less money than a deep warm water therapy pool - what value is the purchase if you are not able to work on every part of your body?

There are considerably cheaper ways to have access to warm water - but all of them come with a hefty sacrifice. For example: you could use the local pool. Well if you are lucky to have one nearby, there is a cost of time and money to drive there if there is availability for therapy space. Most community pools do not provide the kind of privacy and protected space a therapy customer prefers. Our customers also complain about the heavy use of chemicals, in community pools, and remember you are swimming in some one else's bath water... yuck!

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Our Therapy Pools Offer You a Far Superior Warm Water Experience

Compared to Spas, SwimSpas and Other In-Home Choices

a spa's design is for lounging, they come with a variety of seating arrangements that leave very little room for mobility and exercise. Also the water temepratures are typically much higher ahd therefore restrict more active movement. Whereas our therapy pool provides a deeper and larger area of warm water for a less passive occupant. ThermaPool offers upto 320 cubic feet of unobstructed warm water access with an available depth of upto 60"